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Codateam is a custom software development house based in Poland, offering end to end offshore php development services. We specialise in websites build, ecommerce solutions and bespoke website applications.

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about codateam

Dedicated PHP Developers in Poland

We have been in business since the start of 2003. Our highly experienced team of developers and designers have worked with clients all over the world from the United Kingdom to Australia and Japan to the USA. We provide tailor made websites for businesses of any size and are happy to email you references, so you can hear directly from our satisfied clients.

Our work is based on previous experiences and we just selected it's best seeds. Time efficiency, excellent planning and getting familiar with you is key thing for us to understand what you need and supply amazing work.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Provide dedicated php developers team
  • Supply offshore web development services for your agency
  • Simplify processes in your company
  • Create user friendly and easy to use web app interface that you will love to use
  • Transform your ideas into working solution
  • Delivery software that fits to your business and is 100% aligned with your vision and needs
  • Provide long-term support as your php development team working on your projects

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Our core values


We call it – worker’s freedom. We know it from experience, that persons having free hand works better, are happier, focus on his own field, doing them in convenient time. In CodaTeam everyone has its own nut to drive. We put specialization on the first place, task-based approach at work, scatter tasks between experts. We improve our productivity and communications using tools such as Skype, Slack, GitLab and Dropbox.


We need to work smart not as oxes. We are focused on delivery best work and make sure your project is safe for next years.

We value your time same as our. Thus, we worked schemes and tools that helps us to delivery project smoothly and without stress.

In CodaTeam - we supply work done not timesheets.


We scheduled tasks in weekly blocks. By accelerating the interaction between you and team, we can reduce risk and quickly find out what functionalities are really

required in project. Sprints run on weekdays from Wednesday - Tuesday. We choose those days because we know nobody likes starting anything new on Mondays. Fridays are dedicated to internal projects and team development.

We also have daily online meetings with you because it avoids misunderstandings and allows our feedback cycle to be fast and continuous throughout the project.


We strive to simplify work life and daily tasks. We believe that there are better things to do than spending life on repetitive boring tasks. Our aim is to improve processes, sites and systems in your company and projects as much as possible, so you can use our tools and keep proper life/work balance.


We offer flexible working hours and the ability to work from any location in the world. We created the company we dreamed of working at. A place where people trust each other and take care of each other. No micro-management, bureaucracy, just good work and happiness.


Constant development of skills, gaining knowledge about new technologies is especially important in this business, where things change so fast. We dedicated Friday as our "internal day" for study time and team development, so you will always get best of us!

Tools and languages we use

We treat each project individually and its platform needs proper scoping, however please find some preview of technologies and languages we use and we have experience with.


We create our products and sites in popular PHP language. We also know Ruby and server bash scripting. We use MySQL as basic database storage. All this based on Linux server, the most popular configuration in all hosting companies.


Some of our solutions are based on top of Zend Framework. However, we are also familiar with lightweight frameworks such as slim-framework or Phalcon - which is absolutely top choice for dedicated apps.

High-volume apps

As we mentioned, each app or site needs proper study to pickup ideal enviroment and tools. This is especially important with dedicated apps where you expect millions of records or high-volume trafic. We are familair with tools like MongoDB.


We model your idea using sophisticated tools such as Doctrine ORM, which helps us to combine object approach to programming with a relational database.


We make beautiful frontends using modern jQuery lib, as well as Angular.js. We using templates engines such as Smarty or Twig.

Fast Static websites

We know tools like Middleman and Jekyll, that helps us to create incredible fast websites. We have experience with template engines such as slim-lang, liquid, mustache and handlebars. Please note, that this site is 100% static and built with Middleman.


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clients say

I’m very happy to provide a recommendation for Alex and Codateam, as it’s been a great experience working with him, leading to excellent results every time. Codateam is extremely professional and offers an excellent and reliable software development service. I have no hesitation in recommending Codateam and I very much look forward to working with them on future projects

Carl Downer

Director at MetaMob, UK

I have worked with Alex and Codateam since 2006 and I will continue to work with him into the foreseeable future. Why? Because when somebody tells me something cannot be done, I turn to Alex. Alex will always do everything in his power to make the impossible, possible. His standard of work as a PHP developer is amazingly professional and he is an expert in his field. He listens, gives what you expect - and so much more. Working with him is a real pleasure. During and after each project he provids great support and I can always count on him. I definitely recommend him to others!"

Sławomir Barcz

Graphic Designer at BNA, Poland

Codateam is a dev ninja! Technically brilliant, with a can-do attitude. They are great to work with and an asset to any team

Andy White

Director, WeAreSpectre, UK

Daunted by the prospect of building our new company website, we sought help and guidance from a specialist. Alex provided a faultless service, from helping realise our initial designs right up to the coding, construction and subsequent launch of our website. Always on hand to answer any queries and advise us on the more technical decision making, Alex made sure the process of getting our new website online was as hassle free as possible. I couldn't recommend him enough

Dan Stubbs

AllCaps.co, UK