We are web developers from Poland

Outsource and offshore

Software Development House from Poland

We create websites, tailor made web applications and content management systems for clients of all sizes, from all over the world.

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Bespoke PHP/Ruby Software

We create

Bespoke Software

... tools and solutions that are 100% tailor-made and therefore 100% aligned with your business logic and vision. From our experience we know that tailor made solution is always better and cheaper in terms of future of client.

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ultra fast static websites


ultra fast static websites

Static pages are king again! We use sophisticated tools like Middleman or Jekyll to convert dynamic data into ultra fast static websites, that will outstrip the competition

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Simple user-friendly solutions you will love to use!

What we not do

We keep clear of wordpress, joomla and drupal

because from our experience we can say this is simply .. crap stuff. Our goal is to delivery quality and products that will work for long years. We pickup right tools and set proper enviroment for your site or application. We delivery simple user-friendly solutions you will love to use rather than non-logic and hard in maintnaince monsters.

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What we do

Framework Web Development

We build fast and modern websites of any size. We take a pace and lead whole project from A to Z including proper specification, wireframing, design and post-launch training as well as support on every stage. We do solid work and our goal is to delivery top quality for sites that will work for you for long years, therefore we are not using trashy Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, but instead of it we use best tools and tailor your site specially for you.


Bespoke Software

Whether you need a huge online shop with multiple integrated payment gateways, multiple languages, invoice systems and customer support, or just a simple ecommerce website for a local business, we can customise a solution based on your needs. From our experience we know that tailor made solution is always better in terms of future of client. We leave door open for updates that client might need and always propose that solution as best choice.


Backend Development

We can transform your idea into working solution. If you plan to start new business and plan to build web app or site from scratch we will be happy to get on board and code your ideas! We specialise in backends such as app engine, Content Management Systems, CRM. We use tools such as Phalcon Framework 2.x, Zend, Slim Framework. We also integrate 3rd party systems for example payment gateways, newsletters etc.


How we work

Full Project Cycle

We look after whole process of website development, including planning, wireframing, design and obviously coding and post-launch support. We provide access to verified designers and other specialists like i.e. brand designers. We act as a link or hub between you and professional designers. We know how to talk their language, so we consistently get the best out of them.

Dedicated PHP Developers

We provide outsource services which means that you’ll get agency standards, quality and experience without the standard agency costs associated with fancy offices and long lunches. | We can deliver a high quality and level of service, worldwide. We’re moving with the times, and we’re moving fast. Gone are the days when a fancy office and huge overheads are a necessity – instant messaging, Skype calls, GIT, Dropbox are the only tools we need now to work effectively with you as a team.

Project vs Monthly basis

We offer two business models. We understand that no one wants to start development project facing a lot of unknowns and risk additional costs. Therefore, we give you fixed quotes for your project and that works for most of any type of work we do. Alternatively, we can work on monthly basis where we agree amount of hours.

SEO and Site Audits

We’re seasoned pro’s when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A blend of on-page and off-page SEO strategies will ensure that your website establishes itself at the top end of search engine rankings. We also provide audit service for current websites.


If you are in business, you probably identified where things can work better. Automatic processes can save time and money. Tell us where your company struggle and we improve your workflow.


Are you bored with your current site? Hit us with some info and we will revamp it, providing better designs, interface and more...

Server IT Outsource

We provide technical guru to sort out most of your linux server issues. We handle freebsd, debian, cenos, ssl certificates, vpn, dns setups, tomcat, apache, mysql, pgsql, php, rails and more

Some of the tools we use in daily work:


Phalcon Framework, Zend Framework, Slim Framework, Laravel



Template engines

Smarty, Slim, Liquid, Twig, Volt

Frontend Tools

Jquery, Raphael.js, AngularJS, Google Material


MySQL, MongoDB, cache engines: memcached, redis


node.js, Ionic Framework, Jekkyl, Middleman, git, gulp, trello, slack

What we do not do:

We decided to not use following tools

Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal

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